Information Theory and Coding


Instructor Ruediger Urbanke
Office INR 116
Phone +4121 6937692
Office Hours By appointment


Teaching Assistant Hamed Hassani
Phone +4121 6937516
Office INR 034
Office Hours 24/7


Teaching Assistant Javad Ebrahimi Boroojeni
Phone +4121 6931355
Office BC 047
Office Hours 24/7


Teaching Assistant Vinodh Venkatesan


Teaching Assistant Selma Chouaki


Student Assistant Alexandre Duc
Student Assistant Messan Vigniko


Lectures Monday 13:00 – 15:00 (Room: ELA01)
  Tuesday 13:00 – 15:00 (Room: SG 1)
Exercises Tuesday 15:00 – 17:00 (Room: SG 1)


Language:   English
Coefficient / Crédits :   7 ECTS


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Exams and Grading

The final grade is determined as follows:

Graded homeworks 10%
Midterm exam 40%
Final exam 50%
—————————- ——-
Total 100%

Mid-Term 2010-2011 Grades

The final exam will take place on Friday January 21st, from 08:15 till 11:15 in CM2 & CM3 ITC_exam Schedule

You are allowed to use the book by Thomas and Cover and your course notes. You can also use a one-page summary. No notes from the exercise sessions or any other notes of any kind. No calculators, cell-phones, or any other electronic devices. Write only what is relevant to the question! THE EXAM WILL COVER THE WHOLE COURSE!


Instructions for Graded Homeworks

We will have a few graded homeworks. These will be announced and are collected exactly one week after they have been posted. It is OK to discuss problems with your friends, but once you write down a problem, you have to write it down in your own words. Also, on top of the first page, write down the list of people you discussed the problem with. If we find similarities of solutions beyond random and the ones listed, all involved homeworks will receive 0 points. We will not investigate who copied from whom.

Detailed Schedule


Date Topic Assignment Due Date/Solutions Posted Remarks
Sep 20   public holiday – no course :-)    
Sep 21 lossless source coding hw1.pdf sol1.pdf  
Sep 27        
Sep 28 lossless source coding hw2.pdf sol2.pdf  
Oct 4 convexity; definitions and basic properties      
Oct 5 information inequalities hw3.pdf sol3.pdf  
Oct 11        
Oct 12   hw4.pdf sol4.pdf graded
Oct 18        
Oct 19 variable-length source coding hw5.pdf sol5.pdf  
Oct 25        
Oct 26 Lempel-Ziv algorithm hw6.pdf sol6.pdf  
Nov 1 analysis of LZ algorithm notes by Prof. Telatar    
Nov 2   hw7.pdf sol7.pdf  
Nov 8        
Nov 9 midterm midterm.pdf midtermsol.pdf  
Nov 15        
Nov 16   hw8.pdf sol8.pdf  
Nov 22        
Nov 23   hw9.pdf sol9.pdf  
Nov 29        
Nov 30 Gaussian channels hw10.pdf sol10.pdf graded
Dec 6 Gaussian channels      
Dec 7 Gaussian channels hw11.pdf sol11.pdf  
Dec 13 polar codes      
Dec 14 polar codes hw12.pdf graded (work in groups of at most four people)
Dec 20 rate distortion      
Dec 21 rate distortion      

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Elements of information theory, Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas, 2006. ISBN:0-471-24195-4

Additional Reading Material