2008 – Introduction to elliptic curves

organizer Nicolas Macris
office INR 134
phone 38114
email nicolas.macris@epfl.ch

meetings: wednesdays 11h00 – 12h30 in room INR 113


This semester we will try to learn something about elliptic curves, based on the book (can be consulted in INR 120)

“Elliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography”, by Lawrence Washington

The plan is to cover about half of the book which introduces elliptic curves on finite fields and their applications. We will meet on a weekly basis for presentations on the board by interested participants and assume zero previous knowledge of the subject ! We start on wednesday 5 of march.



speaker   date   topic
Nicolas   march 5   intro and organisation
Amin   march 12   the group law
Shan yuan   march 19   j invariant
easter break   march 26  
Satish   april 2   endomorphisms
Nicolas   april 11 (friday at 14h15)   torsion points
Shrinivas   april 16   Weil pairing
Mahdi   april 23   Hasse bound
Iryna   april 30   factoring
we are in porto   may 7  
Harm   may 14   discrete log
Peter   may 21   MOV attack
Emina   may 28  
  june 4