Master semester / Master thesis projects

Note: Some of the projects proposed on this page can be considered for either Master semester project or Master thesis project, the difficulty of the project being then adapted accordingly.

  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse/Trackpad App for iOS (LCM)

    The goal of this project is to develop an iOS app (for iPad/iPhone) which acts as a remote keyboard and trackpad for a laptop. For connecting to the laptop, the app can use either Bluetooth or WiFi. The app should use the default touch keyboard of an iPad/iPhone and add to this keyboard custom features as needed. Custom features can include for example gestures, special keys (CTRL, Command, Shift), interactions with the mouse…    >>

  • Wireless communication system using Software Defined Radio platforms (LCM)

    We are constantly looking for motivated students to develop new communication systems and algorithms on the SDR platforms available in our lab. An example of a project can be found here, and we are open to new ideas and features which can be implemented on the platforms …   >>

  • Markov Chain monte Carlo based on Message Passing (LTHC)

    In this project we want to investigate new types of Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for large probabilistic graphical models, where the update rules of the Markov chain are based on a message passing calculation in a limited neighborhood of the nodes…    >>

  • Message passing for Quantum Models(LTHC)

    In this project we want to develop message passing techniques for simple quantum spin models on graphs. …    >>

  • Scene Understanding in the Context of Intrusion Detection (LCM)

    We are building an intelligent, cheap and a robust intrusion detection system. Numerous consumer products which advertise such capabilities are already commercially available (e.g. NestCam from Google etc) but our motivation is to develop an alternative solution in-house at EPFL….    >>