SDR projects at LCM

SDR projects at LCM

We are constantly looking for motivated students to develop new communication systems and algorithms on the SDR platforms available in our lab.

An example of a project can be found here, and we are open to new ideas and features which can be implemented on the platforms.

At the current time we are working with the bladeRF and USRP platforms, which are among the most popular SDR platforms.

Comparison SDR platforms


Internal information (IPG only, login required)

We have in the lab 2 boards bladeRF 40.


  • GPS signal acquisition

    System setup

    Electronics: Bias Tee, GPS LNA, GPS Antenna.

    The associated SDR class homework is under svn: /2016/bladeRF
    (svn checkout svn+ssh:// “your_path_for_your_local_copy”)

  • Wireless Transceiver

    Student currently working on it. (Autumn semester 2016)