Former Bachelor semester projects


Single-Handed No-Eyes Universal Input Device

Our objective is to develop an input device that can be used when a single hand is free and without committing the eyes. The design should be such that, in principle, it could be placed on the side of an iPhone, a mouse, a steering wheel, a handlebar etc. We already have a working bluetooth enabled prototype but the possibilities for extensions are numerous. Contributions may be in terms of hardware, software, interface design, testbeds, error-correction, etc…   >>


Developing a chording text input application for iPad

Chording keyboards enable users to generate a character by simultaneously pressing a combination of keys, similarly to playing a note on a musical instrument. With five keys, there are 31 combinations in which at least one key is pressed, enough for the 26 letters of the English alphabet plus five other characters. If the keys are adequately placed, we can type with only one hand and without committing the eyes to the input device. The goal of this project is to develop an iPad application that enables users to type using the touchscreen and a chording strategy…   >>